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To take account of local constraints while keeping high reactivity, which assures corporate success, the Group reorganised into five zones: West Europe, East and Central Europe, North America, Spain & Latin America, Asia-Pacific. Motul increased its presence in Asia-Pacific through the creation in 2000 of the company High Tech Lubricants (HTL) headquartered in Singapore.
Technical cooperation with OEMs in the world of racing continued: for motorcycles with Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki; and for cars with Subaru for Rallies, and Nissan and Honda for Grand Touring. This constant involvement helps keep the 300V range as the top-of-the-range technological product and thereby led to the advent of the Factory Line range for motorcycles and the Motorsport range for cars.
At the same time, Motul's industrial activity became structured and took on the name MotulTech. MotulTech targets new markets and continues to develop its products by implementing the solutions most respectful of the environment, health and the comfort of users. MotulTech is the partner specialised in industrial lubricants whose activity covers all metalworking and stone and mineral cutting specialities, as well as lubrication technologies.