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About Us

Recently established company AKOMA OIL is a official importer and distributor of a world wide famous French lubricant producer MOTUL for the territory of Macedonia.
Assortment of MOTUL has a competitive place in the lubricants production as of 1853. Combined with the tradition, dedication and modern technology, today, our supplier is satisfying highest international standards for quality.

They are present in all segments like lubricants for automotive industry, motorcycle, busses and trucks but heavy machines as well and marine. Special placement and focus recently they are putting on motorcycle care part where they are offering full range of support of ideal treatment of your vehicle and equipment.
Products are for everyone who wants the best for his vehicle.

Our Mission is to offer on the market our knowledge and expertise of the producer in order to choose the best lubricant solution for your needs. Service to provide for our partners to be able to recommend the best choice of value for money to their customers and to be able to find our products close to your home.